Why Do We Have To Clean The Record Player?

Should clean the record player frequently

We often hear a lot of advice that we should clean the record player regularly. Maybe you also follow this tip. Surely, you also recognize that the sound quality of your record player is improved significantly. In addition, some record player reviews also mention to cleaning the record player and the vinyl records. This will help your turntable as well as the record last the life. Moreover, you can enjoy the great sound from your device. Thus, do you know why we must clean the record player? I guess that you only know a little about this problem. However, you will know all reasons why we should do so through what I will share in this article.

Extremely Important to Clean The Record Player

The turntable is the same with a CD player. If there are a lot of dirt and dust inside they will be the main cause which damaging to the turntable and CD. Besides, it can get stuck in the player. Of course, this will affect the sound of the turntable and CDs. When this situation lasts in a long time it can damage the sound of your device seriously or affect other parts. At that time, you must spend a lot of money for repairing your record player and CD player. Thus, it is extremely important to clean the turntable frequently.

However, you must clean the turntable more regularly than other electronic mechanisms because the record turns on the turntable. It will create the vibrations and the static electricity. And these vibrations also attract dust and dirt from the outside. That is the reason which you always remember to clean the record player before and after playing.

When you are a beginner to use this device you will feel more difficult to detect the initial signs of dirt and dirt inside. Don’t forget to take a quick look at record player list by Trusted Sounds before making your first purchase. After using in a long time, you will know easily. When you know its reason you should clean the turntable as soon as possible. Especially, you can identify it by listening to the sound. The quality of the sound becomes worse it can be the cause of the tiny dust hidden inside your turntable. Or the dust can be on the top of the needle.

Why Do You Have To Clean The Turntable?

Very important to clean the turntable

You should clean the turntable frequently for the following reasons:

  • Firstly, all dirt and dust can make your turntable stop or pause suddenly because they exist the inside of the grooves of your record;
  • Moreover, if there are too much dirt and dust your needle can be easy to break and damage your record player;
  • Beyond that, with the smallest dust and dirt, they will affect the vibration and sit in the magnetic cartridge. And this is the popular cause which the sound of the device is disturbed.
  • On the other hands, all dirt and dust can hide the inside of the tonearm. It is very dangerous when it can not move normally;
  • Besides, your vinyl records will be affected by the dirt and dust. They will scratch the surface of the vinyl record quickly if you do not clean all debris timely. As a result, you are not only to spend your money for repairing the turntable but also to buy new vinyl records.

Some Things to Remember When Cleaning The Record Player

It is very good to have a habit of cleaning your record player. But it is very necessary to clean in the right way. To do it, you must have some basic steps to wipe your turntable. During cleaning, you also remember some things. For example:

  • You should not wipe the stylus with your bare fingers because the body oil will save on the surface of the stylus.
  • You also should not flow on the stylus to remove dust and dirt. You can spit on it;
  • You must always use the dust cover for your record player. This cover will prevent and limit a lot of dirt and dust for your turntable;
  • It is better to use a sleeve for your record player.

In short, through this explanation above, now you know why you must clean the record player. In fact, it plays an important role in caring for your turntable.  I hope that this writing will provide enough necessary information to help you clean your record player in the right way.

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