How to Use Nonstick Cookware Safely

Best Nonstick Cookware

Nonstick cookware set is always a good option to be had in the kitchen, but pros and chefs recommend they should be used complementary to the traditional (uncoated pots and pans). Anyhow, if you’re one of those who are not in favor of this particular cookware because of bad publicity, correct your facts, because nonstick cookware complies with rules set by the environment protection agency. In 2015, the agency confirmed that nonstick cookware do not have any PFOA concerns, as the chemical is completely consumed during the manufacturing process of the cookware.

Manufacturers and experts have come up with some handy tips to use nonstick cookware safely and efficiently. The cookware will also remain in good condition for years.

  • Using First Time: According to manufacturers like Calphalon, when you use your nonstick set for the first time, apply a thin coating of vegetable oil on the cooking surface. In this way, the cooking surface will be conditioned and remain protected for long.
  • Preheating an Empty Pot: Unlike ordinary pans, nonstick pans should not be preheated. This is due to the material of the cookware. Normally aluminium is the core material of nonstick pots, and it heats up quickly because of the low density and less weight.
  • If Preheat is Necessary: Add some oil that lightly covers the cooking surface. Preheat the utensil for just a few seconds, then add food in it.
  • Nonstick Spray: Instead of using nonstick cooking spray, you can use grapeseed oil or vegetable oil to condition the pan. That’s because, lecithin present in nonstick cooking spray will make the cooking surface less nonstick and more gummy.
  • Cook on Moderate Heat: Low to medium heat is preferable for nonstick cookware. High amount of heat degrades the coating. Some coatings, on high heat, generate toxin vapors and cause health issues.
  • Oven-friendliness: You need to check the product manual, in order to understand whether your cookware is suitable for ovens or not. If it is, then check the maximum temperature it can bare. Oven-safe cookware are also available in the market, but most brands don’t offer such utensils.

4 Tips for Cleaning Nonstick Cookware

Cleaning Nonstick Cookware

Maintaining your nonstick cookware set is not as difficult as for ordinary cookware. If you follow these tips, you can easily use the nonstick cookware set for at least 3 years.

  1. Apart from warm water and dish washing detergent, make sure that the sponge is non-abrasive. You can use a soft dishrag for cleaning. Abrasive cleaners that have hard and rough surfaces are bad for your utensil. Don’t use steel wool at all.
  2. If the food gets stuck somewhere on the pan’s surface, scrub it off with the help of baking soda and water. There are some other non-abrasive cleaners, such as soft scrubs or Bon Ami.
  3. Most of the time, you come across a cookware that’s known to be dishwasher safe. Even if your ceramic cookware is safe for dishwashing material, try to wash it with hand as much as possible. If the water is too hot or the detergent is too harsh, the surface of the cookware will corrode easily.
  4. Avoid stacking nonstick pans and pots, because this may result in scratching or chipping. However, if you don’t have too much space, you can stack your cookware by putting a thin towel between two utensils.

What to Avoid

There are a few good reasons for it.

  • Don’t Use on Extremely Hot Burner: Nonstick utensils cannot withstand excessive heat, but stainless steel cookware can. That means, if you’re cooking something at a temperature of over 660oF, do not use a coated appliance. Make sure that the burner is not too hot before placing the appliance on it. Avoid using it on the broiler. It will not only deteriorate, it can cause polymer fume fever.
  • Metal Spoons Should be avoided: As said before, metal utensils are not meant for nonstick pans and pots. They have sharp edges that can scratch the coating, and there are more chances of it when the pot is being heated.
  • Replace Immediately: Even if it belongs to the best nonstick cookware, the nonstick utensil MUST be replaced as soon as it shows signs of deterioration. Scratches and patches will only increase your problems.
  • Ensure safety: While cooking, keep your kids and pets away. Most people leave damage pots and pans for birds and pets (for feeding), but don’t take risk with damaged ceramic pots. The removed coating can be lethal for birds.

The Toaster Oven And How To Use It Efficiency

Many people know about this type of kitchen appliance – the toaster oven. It gains popularity all over the world because of the high – end functions, efficiency and many advantages it brings to the housewives. However, using and maintaining the quality of a toaster oven is not a child’s play. It requires many efforts and experiences so that you can use this machine perfectly.

As you know, just like other types of product, the toaster oven come to the customers in a variety of models, shapes and functions so as to satisfy the need of all kinds of buyer. Therefore, choosing best the best toaster ovens 2017 among hundreds of brands and models is quite a task of challenge. In this post, I will try my best to introduce to you basic things about buying and using the toaster oven so that you can at least know how to select the right one for your kitchen.

best toaster ovens

How Many Kinds Of Toaster Oven Are There?

 Basically, there are 3 main types of toaster oven are being manufactured and sold every day. They are different from each other in many aspects, but I will leave it later and move on to the basic definition and some pros and cons of these types first:

  • Basic toaster oven: this is the most typical one according to its name. This type of toaster oven can be used as a regular toaster adding up with some additional functions such as roasting or grilling. However, because of the simple designs and not so much investments, this type of oven doesn’t have special functions like convection cooking or Rossetti cooking. The price of this basic toaster oven is reasonable and acceptable to people who don’t have good financial condition.
  • Convection toaster oven: This type has a little bit adjustments in comparison with the typical one: there are fans installed inside the oven so that the heat can move around the food. It helps the food to be cooked faster with less energy consumption and time. Of course, coming along with the advantages is the higher price.
  • Rossetti cooking oven: this toaster oven type has become a trend in the kitchen lately. They are sold very quickly with quite high prices. So why this type of toaster oven does is the choice of housewives? The reason is about the spinning stick inside the oven. It spins the food so that the nutrition can’t be lost with the grease inside the meat so your food would be so juicy and delicious. In addition, this oven can perform perfectly what a toaster and an oven can do so it’s quite easy to understand why it is the prevalent choice lately.

The Factors a Good Toaster Oven Should Have

Good Toaster Oven

There are too many functions that can be added into a machine, but you have to know what the main ones are and how well they operate. Don’t be fooled by the number of functions or buttons on the products. The list below will help you have a brief look about this.

  • The heat: The first thing you should care about is the heat operation. Your toaster oven is designed to work as a toaster and also an oven so that you can not only toast food but also bake, roast or broil them. That’s the reason why you have to read the instructions carefully and know clearly about heat control and heating levels. The convection cooking is also considerable when choosing the oven.
  • The settings and presets: Many people complain about how hard the toaster oven could be for them to control. It’s partly true, especially if you’re a person who doesn’t know much about electronics. So the fact is that the toaster oven should be designed as simple as possible but still has to consist of full functions. The display of the oven has to be clear and large so that there would be no mistakes in pushing buttons or reading presets.

There are many thing else that I want to show you, so if you want more, please visit our blog, we are experts in modern kitchen appliances, and we are very happy to help you out. Don’t forget to choose the best toaster oven so as to level up the meal of your family on a regular basis. Hope you enjoy using this machine.

8 Pieces Ceramic Cookware – Pierre

You have a large family or love large tables? Meals are often the opportunity to share a great time; but still need to be well equipped to invite our relatives! 8 pieces ceramic cookware Pierre supports all fires including induction! We offer this with either a ceramic coating pan – Peter. For each model you have the choice between black or red colors. This is also one of the best ceramic cookware brands. The product includes:

  • 3 Stoves 20, 24 and 26 cm diameter
  • 2 Pots of 16 and 18 cm in diameter
  • 1 pot of 24 cm in diameter
  • 2 glass lids 16 and 24 cm diameter

Ceramic Cookware

Each coating has many advantages. First, the ceramic coating does not contain Teflon or PTFE and PFOA. It has anti-adhesive properties which allow you to cook without adding fat or very little.
The ceramic coating also allows obtaining a homogeneous cooking. To cook relatively delicate foods such as fish, it is ideal. The coat is also nonstick coating and allows a healthier cooking. Cook for a large majority of foods without fat, stone coating is highly efficient and economical.

8 pieces Ceramic cookware coating Pierre:


  • Compatible with all fire including induction
  • 2 coatings available: Ceramic or stone way
  • 2 colors: Black or Red

Cookware including:

  • 3 Stoves 20, 24 and 26 cm diameter
  • 2 Pots of 16 and 18 cm in diameter
  • 1 pot of 24 cm in diameter
  • 2 glass lids 16 and 24 cm diameter

Ceramic coating characteristics:

  • Without Teflon, PTFE and PFOA
  • Release properties
  • Oven cooking
  • Ideal for cooking delicate foods

Prefer together – Coating characteristic kitchen tools – Peter

  • Cast aluminum with stone particles incrusted
  • Extreme robustness
  • Anti-adhesive
  • Efficient and economical
  • Ideal for cooking a large majority of food

Another ideal choice for you to choose is:

10 Pieces Cookware Granite Haussmann Heritage®

  • Non-stick coating: healthy cooking
  • All hob types including induction
  • Sleeves and removable handles

With 10 pieces cookware set Pierre Granit Haussmann Heritage® !, Manage all your recipes without exception. The product consists of the followingitems:

  • 2 pots of 24 and 28 cm in diameter with lids
  • Two pans 16 and 20 cm in diameter with lids
  • 1 frying pan 28 cm in diameter
  • 1 frying pan 24 cm in diameter

Suitable for all hobs including induction, 10 pieces Cookware set Pierre Granit Haussmann Heritage® has 3 sleeves and 7 removable handles!
In addition, its new non-stick coating ensures a healthy cooking without adding fat! Even chefs will envy the Cookware 10 pieces or so Pierre Granit Haussmann Heritage® !

10 Pieces Cookware set Granite Haussmann Heritage®

2 models: lining or Pierre Granit

Set composes of 10 pieces:

  • 2 pots of 24 and 28 cm in diameter with lids
  • Two pans 16 and 20 cm in diameter with lids
  • 1 frying pan 28 cm in diameter
  • 1 frying pan 24 cm in diameter
  • 3 removable sleeves for pan frying pan and saucepan of 16 cm in diameter
  • 7 removable handles for pots, casserole 20 cm diameter pan
  • All hob types including induction
  • New non-stick coating for healthy cooking

Brand: Haussmann Legacy

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Microwave Oven Versus Toaster Oven

Nowadays, the technology has advanced, so several devices have the same function and structure. Consequently, a large number people have problems when mentioning to learn or buy one. We are saying to microwave ovens versus toaster ovens. Both are beneficial as the best small rice cooker. Nevertheless, their features, functions and even capabilities are easy to cause the confusion.

toaster oven

In the previous time, toaster ovens were only used for baking bread, cake or sandwich. Nonetheless, the technology has developed. This appliance is gradually improved from features to wattages, so it is almost beneficial as well as the microwave oven. Even, a number of smart toaster ovens in comparison with microwave ovens have more functions.

microwave oven

If you tend to purchase a toaster oven or a microwave oven, you can consult a couple of different points of both below in order to have the lucid decision.

  1. The capability of browning

This feature is not had by the microwave oven because it does not have a broiler. Due to this tool, the food has brown. Of course, only toaster ovens have owned it. With high-quality toaster ovens, this process will occur faster than normal ovens.

  1. The energy

If it mentions to this feature, microwave ovens in comparison with toaster ovens will have more energy than. Generally, it is about 1200 Watts – 1800 Watts which are the used energy of the toaster oven. Otherwise, the microwave oven only utilizes from 700 Watts to 1300 Watts. These numbers showed that the energy of the toaster is used up to half. On the contrary, the microwave only utilizes a third of that.

Hence, a great number of housewives choose kitchen appliances which are based on consuming their energy.

  1. Convenience

There is also a problem which needs to have to consider because any appliances must fit into your kitchen; evenly, it can also create a luxurious space in here. Thus, you should select what appliances occupies less space. So, the toaster oven entirely suits because it has lightweight and compact design in comparison with microwave ovens.

With narrow space in your kitchen, the toaster oven would rather fit than the microwave oven. Vice versa, you have the excessive space. A larger microwave is not a problem.

  1. The heating time

Both appliances have the heating time which depends on the recipes. It also depends on the taste of everyone that they will choose the toaster oven or the microwave oven. If you enjoy the tough food, the microwave will be able to bring to you this one. Otherwise, you will select the toaster if you like the soft and fluffy food. Since the toaster is slower in heating, the food is processed in this oven can ensure the food’s the flavor. That people enjoy eating often choose the toaster oven.

  1. The size of the meal

Does your family have plenty of members? Do you often cook large meals? So, let’s choose the microwave. In comparison with the toaster oven, the microwave oven is larger; even, the cooking speed is also faster. With the family crew members, the microwave will help save much time.

On the contrary, you live alone or are a student. That’s right? The toaster oven is enough for you to cook a delicious and quick meal.

  1. Bread heating and crispy cooking

When mentioning to crispy cooking, the toaster oven ought to be the top of choice. However, the microwave is not less competitive. You will not even fry potato, bread, or meat that you only need to place them in your microwave.

On the other hand, if you want to heat bread, the toaster oven will be better. Why? Because its heat can make the bread soft and delicious. With microwaves, you want to heat bread or vegetable – everything is ok!


At the moment, you have known the advantages and disadvantages of both ovens. It can say that both are considered as the best small rice cooker for every house. However, to choose to buy 1 in 2, you not only consider strong or weak points of them but also have to be based on your needs. Let’s consider carefully so as to have the right decision.